August 2019 Letter from the President

“What needs to be done, you can do—when there's two of you.”—Into the Woods

Here at Children’s Theatre of Annapolis, we talk a lot about how grateful we are for our volunteers—and for good reason. It’s no secret that CTA’s productions are significantly supported by the people who give up their time to sew costumes, sell concessions, build sets, hang posters and so much more.

However, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the people who do the lion’s share of the day-to-day work in running a nonprofit organization: CTA’s staff. You might not see them all the time—they tend to work during regular business hours, tucked away in the small back office that the performers and volunteers might never go into—but their impact cannot be understated. The fact of the matter is that CTA could not be the organization it is without its two full-time staff members, April Forrer, the executive director (as well as her predecessors, Michelle Lucente, Susan Baum and Kathy Swekel), and Jason Kimmell, the theatre operations manager and education director.

April joined CTA just under two months ago (you can read more about her background here), and she hasn’t hesitated in taking the reins and getting important work done. From dreaming up new ways to entice financial sponsors to support the organization to finding ways to make our daily operations more efficient, April has already made an impact on CTA in the best possible way.

Jason, as many of you know, has been with the organization as a staff member for six years, but as an artistic staffer for much, much longer. He’s become a mainstay at CTA, holding a wealth of historical knowledge for the organization. Jason was first hired as the theatre operations assistant and was later promoted to manager—but it was realized that he had so much more to offer that his job morphed into a dual role when he took on the management and growth of CTA’s education program.

You might not realize that Jason is also behind CTA’s social media pages and newsletter — a requirement so vital to our success and yet so taxing. (How do I know? As PR chair, I’ve occasionally tried to take over those two jobs in an effort to help free up some of Jason’s time, but we’ve always realized that he simply does it better!)

CTA is also grateful for our new handyman, Dave Oplinger, who joined the organization in a part-time role in July with a helping hand and a smile. The organization is also looking to expand, and we’re currently hiring in two key part-time positions: Technical Director and Box Office Coordinator/Administrative Assistant. We’d love for you to join the CTA family.

Kelsey Casselbury, CTA President