November 2019 Letter from the President

“Everyone deserves the chance to fly!” - Wicked

It’s November, and that means that Children’s Theatre of Annapolis is in the thick of it with our production of Tarzan the Stage Musical. If you’ve already seen Tarzan, you probably walked away from it with the same sense of wonder that I did every time I heard the cast rehearsing or watched a scene in process. (If you haven’t seen Tarzan yet, what are you waiting for?! Get your tickets now!)

Perhaps, in the midst of that wonder, you’re wondering what you can do to support the students who perform on CTA’s stage or learn about the magic of theatre in a class. If you recall, last month, I shared with you that CTA has reaffirmed our commitment to making live theatre accessible to all children, regardless of income level, by providing need-based scholarships for both production and tuition fees and eliminating the membership fee requirement to simply audition for the shows without a guarantee of being cast.

Of course, the funding for these important programs has to come from somewhere — and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce CTA STARS, a new way that those who love CTA can show it by pledging a monthly donation to help support CTA programs, including production and education scholarships. If you have the financial means to support CTA scholarships, we ask that you become a CTA STAR today.

Plus, you’ll be rewarded! If you pledge $15 or more a month, you’ll receive a coupon code to choose a CTA STAR logo-adorned swag item, whether it’s a T-shirt, coffee mug, sticker, tote bag, water bottle or any of the other myriad options from which to choose.

The Board of Directors is grateful for everyone who supports CTA, whether it’s through purchasing tickets, buying concessions, sponsoring a show or the season or making a donation. Join me in prioritizing theatre education and exposure to live theatre for children by becoming a CTA STAR today.