March 2020 Letter from the President

Over the past 30 years, a lot has changed here at CTA. Performers auditioned for their first show

and then, in a blink of an eye, closed their last show. We changed venues multiple times, eventually setting up shop in our own building. The board hired an executive director for the first time, and then, years later, a theatre operations manager and education director. Board members and artistic staff have come and gone.

With all these changes, it's easy to forget the people behind the names that adorn the walls of CTA. In fact, it's likely that not many of the performers on CTA's stage today even know about the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in December 1988, a terrorist attack that killed 270 people, including CTA alumna Miriam Wolfe, and left wreckage on the streets of Lockerbie, Scotland, .

CTA Board member Cathy Hollerbach recalls Miriam:

"Miriam was full of enthusiasm and a passion for theatre. She and my sister Jessica (Wintermute) Gold were fast friends who shared a love of music, dance and acting. They shared a friendly rivalry through the years until they were cast to share the coveted role of the narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in their senior year of high school, 1984-85. Miriam was a bright light at CTA with her whole life ahead of her when her plane was shot down over Lockerbie, Scotland, on her way home from studying overseas.

The CTA family was shocked at the loss, not just of someone so young, but of someone with so much potential. The CTA Board knew that they wanted continue Miriam's legacy by working with Miriam's mother Rosemary Mild to establish this scholarship in her memory."

With this scholarship, CTA remember's MIriam's legacy. Each senior who wins the scholarship — up to two of them per year — carries a bit of her legacy throughout their lives, no matter what they go on to do.

Applications for the Miriam Wolfe scholarship are now open, and I'm excited to see who will be next in line to benefit from Miriam's legacy.

Kelsey Casselbury

CTA President