“Theatre Review: ‘The Hobbit’ at Children’s Theatre of Annapolis”

Bilbo, portrayed by Danny Kandra, enters Gollum’s spooky habitat in the Children’s Theatre of Annapolis’ production of “The Hobbit.” Photo Credit: Wendy Hickok Photography.

Heading into the Children’s Theatre of Annapolis (CTA) play “The Hobbit,” I wondered how young children could possibly portray and deliver the complexities of the characters of J.R.R. Tolkien’s prelude to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. My doubt was soon reconciled with the opening scene of the latest CTA production.

The plot centers on a group of desperate dwarves who need a less than valiant Bilbo Baggins to help them overcome numerous foes in order to reclaim a treasure of gold and silver guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.

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