What is Expected When You Audition?

Age requirements: CTA makes every attempt to provide a fair and equal audition opportunity for all actors ages 8-14 (as of the audition date; must not have graduated from high school). No experience is required and selection is made entirely by the artistic staff and based solely on the performance that each auditioner presents on the day of auditions. Actors are cast based on their ability and suitability for the parts. 

Volunteer requirement: If cast in the show, each actor will be REQUIRED to volunteer five (5) hours to a technical area (set construction, set decoration, costumes, props, lighting, and/or sound). 

Auditions: Actors should sign up online for auditions and submit the audition form electronically through the provided links on the website. Actors should only sign up and attend one day of auditions. 

Auditions are held at Children’s Theatre of Annapolis, 1661 Bay Head Road, Annapolis, MD 21409. Auditions for this show require singing, acting, and dancing. Auditioners should come with sheet music, digital recording, or compact disc, as accompaniment of a song in the style of the show. Please prepare approximately 16-30 bars of music. No recorded music with vocals or a cappella singing is allowed. A piano accompanist will be provided. 

Auditioners should wear attire appropriate for movement. Dance shoes, character shoes, and sneakers are acceptable. NO open toed shoes, flip flops, crocs, or bare feet are allowed. Dance auditions for this production are VIRTUAL. Please visit our website to view the dance audition. Record yourself performing the audition and email it to shows@childrenstheatreofannapolis.org 

Callbacks: Some actors auditioning will be asked to return for a “callback,” that is, a second look. The called-back actors may be asked to do more extensive acting than in the first phase of auditions. Please remember that an actor may be cast even if not called back, and an actor may be called back but not cast. For example, an actor who only wants to play the lead role will not be cast if the director decides that someone else is more suitable for that role. 

Ensemble: Yes or No? When you fill out the audition form for any CTA show you will come across the question, “Will you accept an ensemble role?” Please answer truthfully. Please only answer “Yes” if you truly intend to accept an ensemble role in the production. We understand that many people desire a lead role, however the ensemble is an integral part of every production. Participating in the ensemble gives every actor valuable experience. If you really feel that ensemble is not acceptable for you for this production, please answer “No” to the ensemble question. You will be given equal consideration for the specific roles you indicate on your form. Please remember that you have a better chance of getting cast if you are willing to accept any role or an ensemble part. The fewer roles you indicate that you will accept, the fewer the director’s options for casting you. 

Time commitment: Participating in a production is a HUGE time commitment. Be sure you are prepared to commit to all rehearsals and mandatory dates before you audition. You will be asked to submit a list of all possible conflicts at the audition. If you have a definite conflict with any mandatory or tech rehearsal, you should not audition. Rehearsals are typically Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9 p.m., and Sunday afternoons from 1-5 p.m. Times and days change for tech rehearsals and shows. 

Parent/Guardian Information: There is also a time commitment for parents/guardians. CTA is an all-volunteer organization that relies upon parents/guardians to provide the much-needed support to make each production a success. 

Parents/guardians are required to attend meetings, volunteer time to the production, ensure that their actor arrives at rehearsal prepared, and provide costuming support. This is a commitment each parent/guardian must make in supporting their actor in the production. Please be sure you, as a parent/guardian, are also aware of the commitment to the production before your actor auditions. Theatre is a cooperative effort and every part of the team is essential!

Examples of the many areas needed for a production are as follows: ◦ Actor ◦ Tech Help ◦ Set Builder ◦ Make Up ◦ Director ◦ Back Stage Monitor ◦ Musician ◦ Stage Crew ◦ Costume Designer ◦ House Manager ◦ Box Office ◦ Light Designer ◦ Choreographer ◦ Props

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