End Your Year With Impact—Give to CTA Today

Last year, Children’s Theatre of Annapolis (CTA) enhanced more than 600 children’s lives by nurturing the growth and development of the love of theatre in children ages 5 to 18, through participation in all aspects of the theatrical experience, including performance, workshops, technical elements, community involvement, and apprenticeships. With your help we can reach even more children through our education classes and mainstage productions.

Your end-of-the-year donation will go directly to CTA’s operating budget, so we can continue to provide a positive circle of influence through friendships that foster self-esteem, creativity, commitment, teamwork, appreciation, and dedication. In 2021, CTA gave more than $6,000 in scholarships and tuition assistance to families who need a helping hand. 

Our CTA kids agree… 

“I walked into the theatre for the first time a confused, childish, immature boy with a passion, and I will now leave the theatre a confident, reliable, and determined young man with a dream.”—Liam O’Toole

“Something so special, so intrinsic, to CTA is the vast opportunities they provide to students. From sound designing an entire show by myself to going through the artistic building process of a mainstage show, these opportunities have forced me to adjust how I interact, collaborate, and learn from people, all for the better.”—Andrew Wilson

No gift is too small or too big! Please donate today.

If you have any questions, please reach out to April Forrer at aprilforrer@childrenstheatreofannapolis.org.

Michelle Bruno
Children’s Theatre of Annapolis

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